Hospice Halifax

Hilltop Trotters

This year, we are joining thousands of Canadians to participate in Hike for Hospice Palliative Care.

Hospice Halifax is building the first residential hospice in Nova Scotia. Construction is well underway and we expect to open Oct 1 2018.

This is a community led and driven initiative and while there will be 50% of our annual opperating costs shared by government, we are responsible for raising the full capital costs of building and equipping the facility and  50% of  the operating costs each year.

This is "A place like home" located near the North West Arm. A welcoming place of care for patients in the last weeks of life and a comforting place for their loved ones.

We are proud to be a team for this year’s event to support one another in our fundraising efforts. Please help us by joining our team or donating today!

With your support, you’ll help to ensure that Hospice Halifax will be able to  provide quality programs and services to those in our community.



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