Hospice Halifax

Hilltop Trotters

Hospice Halifax, the first residential hospice in Nova Scotia, is opening later this month to receive patients. It is an exciting time for us and everyone who is supporting us.

This is a community led and driven initiative and made possible by many generous donors for which we are grateful.

The facility located near the North West Arm is a welcoming place of care for patients in the last weeks of life and a comforting place for their loved ones. A dedicated, compassionate staff along with ~ 100 trained volunteers will care for our patients and their families.

Now we are open we need to continue our fundraising in order to maintain operations.

We are proud to be a team for this year’s event to support one another in our fundraising efforts. Please help us by joining our team or donating today!

With your support, you’ll help to ensure that Hospice Halifax will be able to  provide quality programs and services to those in our community.



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