Hospice Halifax

Our Goal Realized!
Our Goal Realized!

Armbrae Moms

This year, we are joining thousands of Canadians to participate in Hike for Hospice Palliative Care.

In keeping with our school's culture and philosophy, the ARMBRAE MOMS are engaged and proactive and ready to hike for this great cause!  We believe in community engagement, in action and in words.  We are passionate about bringing Hospice Halifax to life this month for now and years to come!!

As a wise woman told me once....world change starts with Moms.  They are the centres of their families, to which education and change can happen for ours and our children's generation.  Engage a Mom--you engage a family, engage a family--you engage a community, engage a community -- engage a city.  Before long, you've changed the world. 

Hike for Hospice Palliative Care is a unique national fundraising event we are passionate about!  Organizations work collectively in hospice palliative care to raise funds and awareness in our community! All our fundraising dollars will stay in our community to support Hospice Halifax. 

With your support, you’ll help to ensure that our local hospice palliative care programs are able to continue to provide quality programs and services to those in our community.

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