Hospice Halifax

The Committee

This year, we are joining thousands of Canadians to participate in Hike for Hospice Palliative Care.

The Committee is the innovatively named Hike for Hospice Halifax team that represents the members of the Hike Committee and their friends and families.  We volunteer our time and energy to support this worthwhile cause, and to fill the tedious, shack-happy hours of the mind-numbing Canadian winter.  Now that spring has sprung, we are completely enthused about getting out into the air and hiking to benefit the operation of Hospice Halifax and all its plans and programs.

As perhaps the most physically appealing of all the teams participating in the Hike this year, we are looking forward to walking through the South End of Halifax, our smiles complimenting and augmenting the spring flowers along the way.  Your generous support will broaden those smiles, generating a glistening enamel celebration that might even be visible from space. 

Seriously, though, we are proud to be a team for this year’s event to support one another in our fundraising efforts.  Please help us by joining our team or donating today!  With your support, we'll help ensure that Hospice Halifax is able to continue providing quality programs and services to those in our community.

Thanks for your support.  And keep smiling!

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